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Hotels in Kerala- Palakkad

The district of Palakkad, also known as the rice granary of Kerala, is a land of hillocks, valleys, rivers, forests, mountains and meandering streams. Situated at the foot of the Western Ghats, this is the gateway to Kerala from the north. It was through this passage that, time and again, conquests and trade took place.

Ayurveda Mana


100kms (1.5 hours) drive from the Calicut Airport.

The Ayurveda Mana finds its origins in the Poomully Mana (Ancestral house of 'Nampootharis'), which has a history of over 500 years and was once considered to be the abode of one of the richest and most powerful families in Kerala. Reconstructed in 1850, the Mana's members were famous for their prowess in the arts of Kalari (Martial arts), Yoga and off course Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been practiced here since time immemorial and today it is one of the most authentic centres for Ayurveda in Kerala.


12 beautifully furnished spacious bedrooms named after flowers and furnished with antiques.


In-house Ayurveda restaurant which uses organic food grown in the centre's herbal garden.


Library, ayurveda centre, yoga centre, museum, private herbal garden, Kalari (martial arts centre), activities including visit to the Ponnathoor Kotta elephant camp, temples of Guruvayoor.

Kairali Ayurvedic


100kms (2.5 hours drive) from Calicut airport.

Kairali AyurvedicSituated in the scenic town of Palakkad, the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort is the perfect retreat for the discerning traveller. Surrounded by the famed Palakkad countryside this 50-acre resort is an island of peace and tranquility. Ayurveda is practiced here in its true traditional form. It also offers a plethora of activities which ensure the visitor gets to experience the true essence of Kerala culture and life. Travelers can expect to rejuvenate both the mind and body after staying at the Kairali.


30 well-appointed cottages categorized into deluxe, classic, royal and the Maharaja suites.


A multi cuisine restaurant which serves healthy wholesome vegetarian food.


Swimming pool, conference hall, business centre, herbal garden, yoga and meditation centre, amphitheatre, training in the traditional martial arts, temple visits.

Kalari Kovilakom



Surrounded by paddy fields and hills, Kalari Kovilakam is in Kollengode, Palakkad. It is like stepping into a different era. Exquisite corridors take you well over a century back in time to the grandeur and glory of Queen Dhatri Valiya Rani of Vengunad in Kerala, who built this sprawling palace in 1890 on a site that was once a Kalari the training ground for Kerala's renowned martial art form, Kalaripayattu. Today this magnificent palace offers holistic healing experience based on Ayurveda. In this vibrant ambience, Ayurvedic regimes take you back to your pure self, in sync with the nature that surrounds you.

A typical day involves: a wake up call before the sun is up, warm water to drink, meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic regimes based on your physician's recommendation. All of this takes placein calm and spiritual surroundings undisturbed by modern day interruptions such as the telephone or television. This is backed by a policy that does not permit tobacco, wine and shoes inside the palace. Treatments offered include: Rasayam Chikitsa (anti aging) Manashanty (stress relief), Pancha Karma (rejuvenation), Sthanlyakina Chikitsa (weight reduction) and range from 14 to 28 days as prescribed by the Ayurveda Physician.

Kandathu Tharavad Homestay



Kandathu Tharavad is the ideal place to experience the true village life of Kerala in royal settings. The majestic 'Tharavad', the ancestral home of the Kandath family, is set in a rustic village covered in carpets of green paddy fields, outside the scenic Palakkad Town. Built in 1794, the design is based on traditional Kerala architecture. The most striking feature of the house is the frontal raised area (Purathalum) with grand bulbous pillars fashioned in teak at each corner .

There is also a reception chamber in which there is a Nadumuttam, or open area, in the center created by four roofs descending into the room to shoulder height allowing the rains to splash into a central sunken area. Spacious rooms combine modern comforts with an historic feel. A morning visit to the corner tea shop or an evening walk through the village and through the green paddies to watch the sunset are among the pleasures. Cycling trips or a bullock cart ride along small winding roads through unspoilt countryside are some of the i teresting activities awaiting you.

Olappamanna Mana



Olappamanna Mana , one of the centuries old feudal Namboothiri (Kerala Brahamin) Illam (house) , have a glittering cultural heritage in the field of Kathakali (classical dance form) , Carnatic Music, Melam and Thayampaka (classical percussions) , Literature and Rig Veda. The Mana (house) is located at Vellinezhi, a small village 40 kms (25 miles) away from Palakkad town, less than 100 kms(60 miles) away from Cochin / Coimbatore / Calicut airports.Vellinezhi surrounded by the unpolluted river Kunthi on northern and western side is literarily known as Thourathrika Gramam (village with combination of the three - Music, Rhythm and Dance.)

Olappamana is an extraordinary, centuries-old, Heritage Homestay with a glittering Keralan cultural heritage, set in a 20 acre eco-friendly garden. Kerala's splendour in many forms of fine arts is internationally acclaimed and the Mana (or house) has served as a centre for instruction in, and performance of, the unique Keralan dance form known as Kathakali; also for Carnatic Music, for the art of classical percussion, and Sanskrit Literature.

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