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Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda

India is a fascinating country with lots of historical and natural sites of attractions. Probably, India is the only country that provides wide categories of tourism in the entire globe. The snow peaked mountains, gorgeous landscapes, exotic beaches, natural treasures, wildlife etc have never failed to allure the travelers since time immortal. India beckons the heart of the discerning traveler. This land of captivating and fascinating beauty has a lot to offer to its tourists.

The rich historical past and the breath taking beauty of this sub-continent lures travelers from far and near. India is quite an exciting nation and has a lot to offer to its travelers. The amount of tourists visiting India to witness these fascinations are increasing day by day. India, one of the dream destinations in the world, is slowly climbing up on the popularity charts of travelers. Hotels in India offer the best accommodation facilities to travelers from across the globe. Indian hotels are havens of luxury, comfort and coziness in all respects, satiating every possible desire of tourists.

Each and every Indian hotel has its own special facilities and services. The tourists can ensure a first class accommodation facility with all modern facilities in different hotels in India. There are various elite class hotels with high standard and accommodation facilities. Indian hotels offer high class hospitality services to the tourists visiting in India. We can provide high and low class budget hotels in India according to the budget of the customer. There are all types of hotels in India that include the high budget hotels in india, cheap hotels in india low budget hotels, 2 star hotels, 3 star hotels, 4 star hotels, 5 star hotels. There is all types of budget hotels in India. Indian budget hotels provide the travelers the freedom to pick a hotel of their choice fitting their budget.

Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda

Choosing the right kind of hotels can be quite challenging sometimes. There is a huge variety available and every single hotel has something different about it. Accommodations form the basis of any trip or vacation. The enjoyment during a trip depends upon the kind of accommodation that one chooses.

Hotels are not the only accommodation that one can go for. There are various other accommodations too that can be opted. But hotel accommodations are always the first choice for everybody as it has become a tradition staying in hotels while going out. There are whole lots of new accommodation options coming up every day but still hotel accommodations have maintained their distinct place among all such options.

Finding an accommodation in India is quite easy. Genser Holidays is here to make your search for the right hotel in India now even more comfortable & easier. We are well acquainted and linked with different hotels in each and every corner of India. This makes it easier to get hotel booking anywhere in India. We provide hotel rooms according to the choice of our customers. We are well known for providing low budget, high budget, economy class, heritage class Indian hotel rooms as per the budget of the tourists. We can provide you bookings for hotels in deluxe class hotels, where you can enjoy indoor games, swimming pool, gymnasium, spa, sauna, restaurant, bar and many other facilities in different hotels in India. You can enjoy a world class accommodation facility at a very affordable price.

The distinctive feature of hotels in India is their high standard and quality accommodation that caters to the varied needs of all kinds of clients at the most reasonable rates. India has lots of hotels and resorts where the traveler can spend a few days when on a visit. The hotels in India are a class in itself and represent the culture of this vast sub-continent. India's hotels boast of luxuries and services that are world class. You will see that stylish decor with high technology is coupled with a touch of India's tradition and culture in the hotels in India.

Tons of Indian and International hotel chains of India run across the country. They provide the best services and cater to the needs of its guests. The rooms in the hotels are very sophisticatedly and elegantly done up. The rooms are blended with Indian traditional culture and the elegance of the west.

The bright and lively colors of the decor of the rooms add charm to the stay in the hotels of India.

Earlier only one kind of hotels existed that used to cater to all kinds of people together but today the hotels are being classified as per the services and there are plenty of them available belonging to several different categories. The hotels differ according to various factors like the kind of people that they cater to, their services, the facilities provided by them and many more. Given below is a list of that describes the types of hotels that are available in the modern times:

There are several other kinds of hotels too. One must choose the right one and for that it is very important to analyze the requirements properly.

Kerala Ayurveda Therapy

Types of Hotels

There are various types of hotels. The industry has taken into consideration the needs of everybody, so they have a wide range of hotels to offer to their customers. Hotels are broadly divided into the following categories:

Deluxe Hotels

First Class Hotels

5 Stars

Heritage Hotels

4 star hotels

Economy Hotels

Business Hotels

Apartment Hotel

Airport Hotels

Boutique Hotels

Bed and Breakfast

Categorization of Hotels in India

The hotels in India can be divided into various classes on the basis of room types, amenities and location. Some of the prominent categories of hotels in India include: Luxury Hotels, Standard Hotels, Budget Hotels and Heritage Hotels etc.

Heritage Hotels

Reflecting the old glory and grandeur of India, most of the havelis and mansions of ancient times have been turned into Heritage Hotels, that provide the tourists with an opportunity to experience royal life in traditional ambiance. Most of the Heritage Hotels in India are concentrated in the princely states of Rajasthan, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh. Heritage Hotels offers their guests a chance to sample royal life. Despite the passage of the royal era, royalty and royal life continue to tempt many people. The typical characteristics of heritage hotels include a lavish dining experience, Grand Courtyards, Elegant Architectural Designs, Maharaja Suits, Maharani Suits, Huge Bedrooms, and Jacuzzi etc. They literally offer their guests to ‘live life king size’. The heritage hotels in Rajasthan takes one on a different trip altogether. Listed below are some of the exquisite Heritage hotels:

Samode Palace, Jaipur

Poovath Heritage Hotel, Kerala

Taj Resorts & Palaces

Heritage Villa Helena, Pondicherry

The Panjim Inn, Goa

Kerala Ayurveda Therapy

Luxury Hotels

Equipped with world class infrastructural amenities, the Luxury Hotels in India offer the tourists with a fine lodging and dining experience. They cater primarily to the upper class executivesand extend a warm welcome to all the customers. They offer various special facilities along with a comfortable stay. They offer all possible luxuries to the travelers and make sure that their stay is perfect. Luxury Hotels and 5 star hotels provide world class accommodation to their guests. These hotels provide anything that their customers require. Luxury hotels have wonderful ambience that makes the stay of guests memorable and pleasant. Since they cater to a wide range of customer demands, it is understandable that the rates in these hotels are higher than average hotels. Listed below are some Luxury Hotels:

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

Taj Resorts & Palaces

Maurya Sheraton Hotels & Towers

The ITDC Ashok Group of Hotels

Le Meridien Group of Hotels

Kerala Ayurveda Therapy

Budget Hotels

A home away from home, the budget hotels accommodate customers from upper middle and middle class. Also referred to as Economy Class Hotel, Business Hotels and Discount Hotels, the Budget Hotels support all the modern infrastructural facilities for a comfortable and pleasant stay. They also provide an affordable stay and offer all basic amenities to the tourists. These hotels are meant for all those people who look out for affordable accommodations and don't find it sensible wasting money over unnecessary facilities.

Generally customers from middle class and upper middle class use the services of economy hotels, Budget Hotel and Discount Hotels. The hotel industry in India is well equipped to take care of the needs of their customers with all types of budget. Some of the services ideally offered by economy hotels include Car Rental Facility, 24 hour running hot & cold water, car parking facility, laundry service etc.

Hotel Mount View, Kodaikanal

Hotel Grand Park Inn, New Delhi

Chateau Windsor Hotel, Mumbai

Woodlands Hotel, Karnataka

Saffron resorts, Goa


Resorts are mostly found in hill stations and sea side tourist destinations of India. Located amidst natural scenic beauty, Resorts are the ideal place to enjoy some valuable time with family and friends or even in solitude. Beach hotel accommodations are located near beaches and are basically run with a view to keep all such people together those love exploring the beaches. Goa, Kerala, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are some of the popular destinations of the world for their exclusive Beach Resorts. Hotels and resorts in India offer numerous services and facilities to its guests at very affordable prices. The Ganga Beach Resort, Uttaranchal is internationally acclaimed for its perfect location besides the Holy Ganga and its serene green surroundings. These resorts pamper their guests with various additional services.

Hill Resorts and Hotels

Hill Stations are a popular destination among tourists of all ages. Hill Resorts in India have been offering exclusive services to its adventure loving guests like mountaineering, camping, trekking, para gliding, etc making it quite a rage among the youth. School and college trips are regularly organized to these resorts because of their popularity among youngsters.

Ayurvedic Packages Kerala

Wildlife Resorts

India has a very vast natural habitat and it offers various options of Wildlife Resorts in India. Ranthambore, Bharatpur, Corbett, Kanha, Periyar, Sariska, Kaziranga and Ghana are quite famous among adventure lovers. These Wildlife Resorts arrange for safaris, night safari, sightseeing, bonfire dinners, adventure sports like camping, trekking, etc.

Airport hotel accommodations:

These hotels are located near the airport and are meant for tourists coming through airlines. These serve as the best option for all such travelers as they don't need to move to larger distances in search of accommodations. They also provide pick and drop facilities for their customers.

Small hotels:

Hotels are also classified as per their sizes. These can accommodate only a smaller number of people but are yet very comfortable and economical.

7 Star Hotels in India

The hotels here have been transformed from old palaces into luxury hotels thus adding a touch of royalty to the stay here. Be it the Taj Group of Hotels, Oberoi Group or the Le Meridien Group of Hotels they all know how to take care of their guests and provide them with a comfortable and royal stay.

5 Star Hotels in India

5 Star Hotels offer the best in luxury for guests who list luxury and opulence at the top of their priority list. The 5 star hotels in India are renowned all over the world for the wonderful accommodation and classical personalized hospitality services. The 5 star hotels in India are scattered all over the country, so no matter in which part the traveler is, they can enjoy the wonderful services offered by these hotels. New Delhi has twenty two 5 star hotels, while Mumbai has 22 followed by Goa with 9 hotels.

The Taj Group of Hotels

The Oberoi Group of Hotels

Le Meridien Group of Hotels

Park Group of Hotels

The ITDC Ashok Group of Hotels

Five Star Hotels of India are extremely renowned among foreign as well as domestic tourists. These Deluxe Hotels offer latest facilities, best of services and enormously beautiful ambiance. Yoga sessions, Spa treatment, Ayurvedic massages, Aroma therapy sessions, well-equipped gymnasium, shopping arcade, multi-cuisine restaurants of the best chefs of the world, etc are a few of the special services provided by 5 star hotels in India. These hotels take excellent care of their guests and welcome each like their own family. The staff is well trained for all sorts of situations and are very courteous.

Imperial Hotel

Le Meridien Hotel

The Oberoi Grand

The Taj Palace

4 star Hotels in India

4 Star Hotels usually are large formal hotels with front desk services, beautiful reception areas and bell hop service. 4 star hotels are found near major attractions of the city like dining areas, shopping malls, cinema halls etc. They have excellent service and the rooms are large, lit well and furnished. Some of the other facilities include room service, car parking service, fitness centers and swimming pools. The Hyatt and Marriot chain of hotels fall under this category.

The luxury hotels in India are a popular option among Indian tourists and are thus giving a tough competition to 5 Star hotels. These are moderately priced and perfect for those who desire a luxurious and a comfortable stay without compromising much on their budget. They are all well equipped with latest technologies, offer best of the services with warm hospitality by the staff.

The Connaught Hotel

Gateway Hotel

Emerald Hotel

The Kenilworth Hotel

Kerala Ayurveda holidays

3 Star Budget Hotels in India

Budget Hotels in India are widely preferred by the budget conscious clients as they provide quality services at most affordable rates. They are ideal for those seeking a short stay of a few days. Budget Hotels in India offer greater value for money and give heavy discounts. They have become quite a rage among regular travelers, youth, college-going students, etc.

3 Star Hotels have spacious accommodation spaces with beautiful lobbies and front desk. They are usually located near major expressways or business areas, convenient to shopping and moderate to high priced attractions. The hotels usually feature medium-sized restaurants that typically offer service breakfast through dinner. Depending on hotels, availability of room service, valet parking facilities, swimming pool services and availability of fitness centers may vary.

Travel Ayurvedic India

2 Star Hotels in India

Cheap Hotels are mostly favored by short time tourists or stop gap travelers. They don't charge much but provide all basic amenities., Cheap Hotel in India are best for single and double travelers and is gaining popularity very fast. 2 Star Hotels generally consist of independent hotels with a reputation of providing quality services constantly. These hotels are usually small to medium-sized and are located near attractions that are moderately priced. General facilities like TV, Telephone are provided but room service is generally not provided to customers.

Business Hotels are equipped with all the amenities required to conduct business meetings. Many a business deal has been finalized within the four walls of business hotels all over India. Business hotels ensure that their clients have access to all that they require to conduct their meetings successfully. Fully equipped business conference rooms, private meeting rooms and banquet rooms are just a few of the facilities provided at these hotels. Listed below are some of Business Hotels:

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

Taj Resorts & Palaces

Hyatt Regency

ITC Hotels

Trident Hotels

Bed and Breakfast is a relatively newer concept in the Indian market. Ideally these places provide overnight accommodation and breakfast in return of payment. Guests can indulge themselves in the personal care given by the hosts without any worries. There are special bed and breakfast arrangements for single women. They will find secured accommodation and personalized care without worrying about anything. A few of the bed and Breakfast service providers are:

Delhi Bed and Breakfast

Delhi Inn

Patels Bed and Breakfast, Mumbai

Galway Bed and breakfast, Mumbai

Best Inn Bed and Breakfast

Apartment Hotels are designed to contain apartments and guest rooms under resident supervision. The apartments in these hotels are fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities including a fully furnished kitchen, like the one that they might find in their own homes. The apartment homes are suitable for corporate travelers and long staying guests. Listed below are a few amazing Apartment Hotels:

Seasons Service Apartments, Pune

The Residence Apartment, Mumbai

Lakeside Chalet Apartment, Mumbai

Star Homes Apartment Hotels, Cochin

Sai Villa, New Delhi

Travel Ayurvedic India
Boutique Hotels are unique hotels located all over the India. These hotels are highly personalized, small in size and have their own individualized style along with some other outstanding attributes. Each hotel offers a unique travel experience to their guests which makes them come back over and over again whenever they come visiting the country.

Gordon House, Mumbai

Cama Park Plaza, Ahmedabad

Devigarh Palace, Devigarh

Hans Plaza, New Delhi

Nilaya Hermitage, Goa

Important Hotel Groups in India

Taj Group of Hotels, Park Group of Hotels, Radisson Hotels India and ITC Hotels are some of the luminaries in the field of hotel industry that are famous for unique amenities and superb accommodation arrangements. Some of the important Luxury Hotels that come under the important hotel groups of India include:

ITC Maurya Delhi

ITC Maratha Mumbai

Fort Radisson of Radisson Group in Kolkata

Radisson Jass Hotel Shimla

The Taj Westend, Bangalore

Taj Coromandel, Chennai

The professionally trained hotel staffs believe in maintaining a strong bond of trust and reliability with their customers through customer friendly services. Hotels in India have come a long way since Independence and they have been offering world class services to tourists visiting the country.

Travel Ayurvedic India

Hotel Chains in India

A collection of group of hotels operated under a recognized brand name is a Hotel chain. Several luxury hotels in India run their chain of hotels in various cities and states across the country. These hotel chains provide an ideal atmosphere of luxury, tranquility and other amenities to their customers. The Taj Group of hotels is one of the most widely recognized names in the sector of luxury hotel chains in India. They offer a genre of hotels across India including heritage resorts, luxury hotels, sea resorts, business hotels etc.

A glance at leading Hotel Chains and their Hotels:

The Taj Group of Hotels

Taj Kuteeram, Bangalore

Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Taj Residency, Ernakulam

Taj Residency, Vadodara

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Ushakiran Palace, Gwalior

Hotel Taj Garden Retreat, Madurai

Hotel Taj Banjara, Hyderabad

Hotel Taj Fisherman's Cove, Chennai

The Sawai Madhopur Lodge Sawai, Madhopur

Hotel Taj Connemara, Chennai

Hotel Taj West End, Bangalore

Hotel Taj View, Agra

Hotel Taj Hotel Taj Savoy, Ooty

Hotel Taj Residency, Visakhapatnam

Hotel Taj Gateway, Residency Road, Bangalore

Hotel Taj Ganges, Varanasi

Hotel Taj Hari Mahal, Jodhpur

Hotel Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad

Hotel Taj Coromandel, Chennai

Hotel Taj Garden Retreat, Chikmagalur

Hotel Taj Garden Retreat, Coonoor

Hotel Taj Residency, Hyderabad

Hotel Taj Residency, Lucknow

Hotel Taj Residency, Bangalore

The Oberoi Group of Hotels

The Oberoi, Amarvilas, Agra

The Oberoi, Bangalore

The Oberoi, New Delhi

The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

The Oberoi, Mumbai

The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

Oberoi Maidens Hotel, Delhi

Clarkes Hotel Shimla

Oberoi Vrinda Luxury House Boat

The ITDC Ashok Group of Hotels

The Ashok, Delhi

Samrat Hotel, Delhi

Lalitha Mahal Palace, Mysore

Hotel Bharatpur Ashok, Bharatpur

Hotel Jaipur Ashok, Jaipur

Hotel Kalinga Ashok, Bhubaneswar

Donyi Polo Ashok, Itanagar

Pondicherry Ashok, Pondicherry

Hotel Jammu Ashok, Jammu

Hotel Janpath, Delhi

Hotel Patliputra Ashok, Patna

Lake View Ashok, Bhopal

Brahamputra Ashok, Guwahati

Nilanchal Ashok, Puri

Ranchi Ashok, Ranchi

Kosi Tourist Complex, Mathura

Le Meridien Group of Hotels

Le Meridien, Ahmedabad

Le Meridien, Bangalore

Le Royal Meridien, Chennai

Le Meridien Resort & Convention Center, Cochin

Le Meridien, Jaipur

Le Royal Meridien, Mumbai

Le Meridien, New Delhi

Le Meridien, Pune

The Metropolitan Hotel Nikko, New Delhi

Neemrana Group of Hotels

Bungalow on the Beach,Tranquebar

Glasshouse on the Ganges, Rishikesh

Hotel De-L'Orient, Pondicherry

Neemrana Fort Palace

The Hill Fort Kesroli

The Pataudi Palace

The Piramal Haveli, Shekhawati

The Verandah in the Forest, Matheran

The ITDC Ashok Group of Hotels
Hotel accomodation in India
Economy Hotels in India
Business Hotels in India
4 star hotels in India

Villa Potipatti, Bangalore

The Ramgarh Bungalow, Uttaranchal

Wallwood Garden, Coonoor


The DECCAN ODYSSEY is a mesmerizing and luxurious experience in the state of Maharashtra.

If Europe is all-hearts for the Orient Express and Rajasthan is graced by the royal Palace on Wheels, Maharasthra echoes majestically with the Deccan Odyssey. Deccan Odyssey offers a train journey adorned in luxury, the luxury train Deccan Odyssey transports you through the unforgettable sojourn of a land shining in legions grandeur - serene beaches, magnificent forts & palaces, and experiencing heavenly tales etched in colossal rocks.

The weeklong Deccan Odyssey covers the vast expanse of Maharashtra, a pinch of Goa, and the cities of Mumbai, Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Pune, Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora. Experience one of the finest rail journeys in the world. The Deccan Odyssey is more than a luxury train cruise. It's a 'classical odyssey' of time beyond the realms of the present.

Golden Chariot

To experience the complete wonder of the historical monuments and rich heritage of Karnataka get on board The Golden Chariot, a royal train.

The seven days and eight nights tour through the various interesting sites of the south Indian state Karnataka, is quite exciting. The Golden Chariot is absolutely a luxury on wheels. It is comprised of forty - four air conditioned cabins. The cabins are well furnished with television, a small wardrobe, sockets to charge batteries and private washrooms. The Continental and regional cuisines onboard will definitely leave a great memory in the minds of the guests. There is a dining area and a bar serving some interesting cocktails and mocktails.

The Golden Chariot-Karnataka's luxury on wheels takes its guests to Hampi- a world heritage site also known for The Stone Chariot, Mysore-Tipu Sultan's kingdom, Hassan, Hospet and the beach destination-Goa. This adventurous journey will give the guests an insight of the wildlife, variety in culture, archaeological sites, magnificent palaces, splendid gardens and forts and golden sand beaches.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

The value of our tradition, the varsity of our culture, the vibrancy of our lifestyle and the warmth of the natives, makes India a perfect travel destination. Come and experience the same at the Hotels in India and live your life's most memorable moments with utmost luxury and comfort through Genser Holidays.

With booming Indian tourism and the "Incredible India" initiative taken by the Tourism Ministry of the Indian Government, Hotels in India have gained a significant rise not only in terms of numbers but also in the quality of their services and facilities. We have some of the world's best hotels in India which have gained recognition not just for their luxurious rooms, world-class facilities & services and excellent hospitality but also for their restaurants and other arrangements like conferences, meetings, events, etc. Hotels and Resorts in India offer quality services at attractive rates and upgrade their facilities with changing times. So come and have an unforgettable experience in the land of endless possibilities.

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